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 Basic SRT Class

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is a powerful form of healing which operates at the soul level. Through SRT one identifies the emotional programs which are running at the cellular level. A spiritual "educational" process then begins at the soul level, which allows the soul to recognize the purpose of the emotional programs, and then allows the programs to be released and replaced with harmony. At the very least, the results include more inner-peace, greater inner-harmony and more positive interactions in our relationships with those around us. At very best we'll see dramatic turnarounds in health conditions and aberrant personality traits.

Explore methods to identify and release negative energies which may have arisen from a past or future life. You will easily learn to use a pendulum and research charts to clear yourself and others of fears, traumas, conflicts, self-punishment and obtain inner direction. This class provides three full eight-hour days of learning to communicate with your Higher Self for greater understanding of the dynamics of your daily world. You will have expert supervision while you begin clearing the Akashic Records for yourself and your loved ones.

Meditation, lecture and hands-on experience will be used in the training.


Advanced SRT Class

The Advanced SRT Class contains further information about the SRT system. This helps one gain a depth of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of the system so that one can work with paying clients. You will learn how to work with specific healing issues and how to get to the root of the problem, thus facilitating the clients ability to heal themselves.

The students will learn time-saving shortcuts in the SRT procedure, Spiritual Repatterning, Organ & Gland Balancing, and Crystalline Restructuring.

Each student will complete an entire SRT clearing for a soul which will exercise their new found skills under the supervision of an experienced practitioner!

Meditation, lecture and hands-on experience will be used in the training.


Spiritual Restructuring


Spiritual Restructuring covers the areas of body alignment, muscle work, healing of organs and glands, nutritional guidance, and alignment of the soul (mind) with the brain (called Brain Restructuring), Crystalline Restructuring of the emotional, mental and physical bodies and clearing other items indicated by Spirit for a complete and total renewing of the whole person.

Meditation, lecture and hands-on experience will be used in the training.

Learn how to quickly and efficiently assist clients in virtually all areas of concern! This is the perfect completion of the work we do in SRT. 

Clients receive great relief in all areas of their physical bodies by going to the root of the discord. All problems have a Spiritual solution. Restructuring and SRT are the keys to unlocking our potential to full expression of Spirit. We are seen in the eyes of God as whole, perfect, and complete. Now we have a tool in helping us express that vision, that reality!

Basic SRT is a pre-requisite for Spiritual Restructuring!




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